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The Amazing Health Benefits of Camping

It is fun, it is relaxing and it is a great opportunity to make great memories. There is nothing that we don’t love about camping. But in addition to getting you to relax, connect with nature and unwind, camping can actually a lot of health benefits. These are some of the best health camping benefits:

Increases your Oxygen Intake:

When you go camping, you are actually surrounded by fresh air that is very difficult to find in the city. This air provides more oxygen which can push your body to make more serotonin. This is the happy hormone that can fight off depression and anxiety. More oxygen means more nutrients delivered to various cells in the body.

Keeps you Away from Radiation and Technology:

When you spend time in the outdoors, you are basically giving your brain a chance to stay away from the harmful Bluetooth waves, radio signals, and electromagnetic waves.  All these hi-tech gadgets keep us anxious and don’t give our brains the chance to relax.

Improves your Social Life:

A lot of people, especially the young ones, are more attached to their phones and gadgets than anything else. In the process, they become less likely to make friends and interact with real people. Staying away from technology while spending time in the outdoors, gives you the chance to meet new people, stay close to them and bond. If you are camping with your close friends, it is a good chance to open up and share secrets. It is also a good opportunity to make new ones who might last a lifetime.

Helps you Stay Fit:

Spending time in the outdoors involves a lot of physical activities that will keep you in shape. Think of all the time you spend watching TV or playing with your mobile phone, not moving a single muscle. This is the fastest route to putting on more weight. When you are camping, you are going to run, hike, walk and carry a lot of gear. This will keep your muscles moving and help you stay fit and healthy.

Provides your Body with Needed Vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiency is very common because we spend most of our time behind closed doors. Going on a camping trip will allow you to enjoy the useful sunrays that will push your body to produce more Vitamin D. This vitamin is responsible for the calcium and phosphorus absorption in your body. Camping will keep your bones healthy.

Increases the Level of Melatonin:

With adequate sun exposure, our bodies start to make more melatonin. This is why this refreshed feeling lasts even after your camping adventure is over. If you are feeling down or gloomy, a camping trip can lift up your mood.

Camping is a great chance to experience an interesting change. Get rid of your boring routine and experience nature at its finest.

Why Should You Try Meditation Right Now?

Stress can affect your life to a great extent. But there are some useful practices that can help you get rid of stress and anxiety. Meditation is an easy cheap practice that doesn’t take much preparation. All you need is some dedication, privacy, and a quiet space. Here are some reasons why you should start practicing meditation right now:

  • Just like exercises increase the tolerance of our muscles, meditation increases the tolerance of our brain. With regular meditation, your brain will be able to fight off stress triggers.
  • Meditation allows you to unwind after a stressful situation. Unwinding and relaxing give your brain the chance to recharge to be able to better deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Meditation will help you put things into perspective. After that, other things will fall into place which will give you the chance to focus and concentrate.
  • Stress and depression can affect your hormonal balance. Meditation will help your body get rid of those bad hormones that can affect your system.

So instead of stressing over things, help your body relax and your mind clear. Practice meditation for a healthier life that is full of new possibilities.

3 Important Things to Remember While Choosing Gifts

Picking a gift is more than just buying something that costs a considerable amount of money. Your gift should send a message. Here are 3 important things that you need to remember while choosing a gift:

  • The occasion can help you pick a suitable gift. If someone is having a baby, you are going to get them something different from what you’d have got if they are moving to a new place.
  • How well you know the person plays an important role in picking the perfect gift. If you don’t know the person enough to predict their needs, you can always ask someone who knows them better. It is also important to think about the family situation of that person, their home space, and cultural or religious beliefs.
  • Think about your relationship with that person. If you are giving a present to a co-worker or a colleague, you should avoid picking personal gifts.

Remember that the price tag doesn’t matter as much as the effort you put into picking the best gift. So next time you are thinking about giving someone a gift, you should give it some more thought.

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